7089 7086
Ø 66'' / 36''


John Herschel discovered NGC 7087 = h3871 on 4 Sep 1834 and recorded "pF; S; R: gbM; 15"." His position (measured on two sweeps) is accurate.

400/500mm - 17.5" (10/30/99): NGC 7087 was just picked up at the lower elevation limit of Ray's mount! Appeared very faint, fairly small, elongated 3:2 SW-NE, brighter core. Seeing too mushy at low elevation for a good view and nearby ESO 343-007 to the west was not seen. Located 35' NE of mag 5.3 Xi Gruis.

600/800mm - 30" (10/14/15 - OzSky): at 303x; moderately to fairly bright, moderately large, slightly elongated SSW-NNE, 40"x30", brighter along the central axis (appears to be a bar).

Brightest in a group with ESO 343-007 2.7' WSW and ESO 343-009 6.6' NNE. ESO 343-007 appeared fairly faint to moderately bright, fairly small, elongated 2:1 or 5:2 ~E-W, weak concentration. ESO 343-009 is fairly faint, fairly small, elongated 2:1 ~N-S, 0.4'x0.2'. A mag 12.5 star is off the east side [25" from center] and a mag 11.5 star is 2.4' N.

Notes by Steve Gottlieb