6962 6960
Ø 36'' / 30''


J.L.E. Dreyer, as the observer at Birr Castle, probably first discovered NGC 6961 on 23 Aug 1876. His offset from NGC 6962 (195" in PA 322.7°) is a close match with CGCG 374-014 = PGC 65372. Dreyer incorrectly assumed this object was seen by d'Arrest and that it was possibly labeled "a" in the sketch of 1857 (it's not shown on the sketch). Harold Corwin notes that "Micrometric positions by Bigourdan and Kobold agree with the one by Dreyer [in the NGC]." See Corwin's notes.

300/350mm - 13.1" (7/27/84): extremely faint, very small. A very faint star appears to be very close.

400/500mm - 17.5" (7/16/88): very faint, round, very small. A mag 15 star is off the NE edge. Located 3.3' NW of NGC 6962 in a group and the fifth brightest of six. NGC 6959 lies 4.1' NNW.

17.5" (8/31/86): very faint, very small, round, a mag 15 star is less than 30" NE but cleanly resolved.

600/800mm - 24" (9/25/19): at 375x; fairly faint, fairly small, round, 20" diameter, very small brighter nucleus. A mag 15.3 star is only 0.5' NNE of center.

Notes by Steve Gottlieb