Deepsky Object Lists

Name Description
Caldwell catalogue Catalog of 109 star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies
Herschel 400 Catalog Selection of bright objects from NGC catalog
Catalog of superthin galaxies Catalog of superthin galaxies from U.Glahn
Galaxies from the Holmberg catalog Project "Galaxies from Holmerg catalog" created by U.Glahn
Planetary nebula from Abell Catalog Project "Planetary nebula from Abell Catalog" created by U.Glahn
Vic list Vic list of remarkable asterism
Rosse Spirals Project "Rosse's Spirals" created by U.Glahn
Planetary nebulaes of the Nothern Hemisphere Project Planetary nebulas created by U.Glahn
Palomar globular star clusters Project "Palomar globular star clusters" created by U.Glahn
Galaxies from the Local group Project "Galaxies from the Local group" created by U.Glahn