7286 7284
Ø 2.1' / 90''


William Lassell discovered NGC 7285 in Oct 1862 using his 48-inch at Malta. For some reason it wasn't included in Marth's catalogue, although NGC 7489 and NGC 2620 , also found by Lassell, were included. Lassell mentioned the discovery in a letter to John Herschel on 1 Nov 1862 and Dreyer included it in the GC Supplement (GCS 5078). Although both William and John Herschel reported a double nuclei or two stars involved, neither catalogued it as two numbers.

400/500mm - 17.5" (10/13/90): this is the NE member of a double system with NGC 7284 . Fairly faint, very small, slightly elongated, small bright core, stellar nucleus. Slightly fainter than NGC 7284 just 30" WSW of center. Situated very close to the Aquarius-Pisces Austrinus border.

600/800mm - 24" (8/23/14): at 375x, the eastern component of the double system VV 74 = Arp 93 appeared fairly bright, small, elongated 3:2 E-W, 30"x20", high surface brightness. Forms a very close pair with slightly brighter NGC 7284 [just 33" between centers]. The twin nuclei are encased in a very low surface brightness halo

Notes by Steve Gottlieb