6969 6967
Ø 90'' / 66''


Édouard Stephan discovered NGC 6968 = St XIII-93 on 11 Aug 1883. His position corresponds with MCG -02-53-006.

MCG misidentifies this galaxy as IC 5062. Bigourdan found IC 5062 on the same night as one of his two observations of N6968 and his description and position matches a wide pair of stars a few arc minutes west of the bright galaxy. So N6968 ≠ IC 5062.

400/500mm - 17.5" (7/1/89): moderately bright, fairly small, slightly elongated NW-SE, bright core, stellar nucleus. A mag 13 star is 55" NW of center. A faint double star (IC 5062)at 10" separation is 6' W.

Notes by Steve Gottlieb