6968 6965
Ø 54'' / 36''


R.J. Mitchell, LdR's observing assistant, discovered NGC 6967 on 27 Aug 1857, while observing the NGC 6962 group. He labeled this galaxy as "c" on the sketch and noted "c is lE, bM and has a conspicuous * close nf." The description and sketch clearly establishes NGC 6967 = CGCG 374-018.

MCG (+00-53-006) and UGC (11630) misidentify this galaxy as NGC 6965 . RNGC and CGCG give the correct identification. See my article in Deep Sky, Fall 1985 and Harold Corwin's identification notes.

300/350mm - 13.1" (8/23/84): fairly faint though the mag 10 star interferes with viewing, small E-W streak, lens-shaped.

13.1" (7/27/84): faint, small, very elongated E-W. A mag 10 star is off the SE edge.

400/500mm - 17.5" (7/16/88): fairly faint to moderately bright, fairly small, very elongated ~E-W. A mag 10 star is just 44" E of center. Third brightest in the NGC 6962 group. Forms the NE vertex of an equilateral triangle with NGC 6962 6.6' SW and NGC 6959 6.7' WNW. Misidentified as NGC 6965 in the UGC, CGCG, MCG.

17.5" (8/31/86): fairly faint, small, elongated ~E-W, brighter core. A bright star follows closely that detracts from viewing.

600/800mm - 24" (9/25/19): at 375x; fairly faint, elongated 2:1 ~E-W, 0.8'x0.4', strong concentration. The western half of the disc seems brighter, probably due to the glare of a mag 10.8 star off the E end [45" E of center].

Notes by Steve Gottlieb